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Covid 19

Way of the Wild takes COVID-19 seriously. We want our clients to feel able to make the most of their time with me in an environment that is as safe as possible. We also want to maintain our own good health and protect our family, friends and local communities.

We follow current government guidelines, taking into account both national and local guidance. In addition, we take advice from National Governing Bodies and representative professional associations.


To view current Government guidelines, follow the links below:

Welsh Government guidelines

UK Government guidelines (England)

Scottish Government guidelines


Measures in place for courses:


Hands – Face – Space

During your course, we will need to:

  • Wash hands before and after activity sessions.

  • Use hand sanitiser before and after eating, and when the activity allows.

  • Where possible, avoid shared use of equipment. When not possible, use of hand sanitiser regularly.

  • Maintaining a minimum of 2m social distancing wherever possible.


I will:

  • Remind you about hand sanitiser.

  • Restrict course sizes, particularly when participants are not from the same household.

  • Quarantine shared equipment for 72 hours or follow manufacturers cleaning guidelines uses with different clients.

A bit more detail:

Clients are asked to bring the following:

  • Hand sanitiser, enough for personal use for your course.

  • Face coverings are a personal choice.

  • A small personal first aid kit.


Venues and meeting up

Weather permitting, start of day meetings will be outside. During inclement weather, we will meet inside at a local amenity or under shelter with the capacity to allow us to maintain social distance.

'Be Safe – Tread Lightly – Be Kind’

During the COVID-19 pandemic we need to be thoughtful of our impact on others. Mountain Rescue Teams and the BMC have emphasised the need to take part in activities within our limits and to be as self reliant as possible. This is because of the increased risk of transmission to those who give assistance, should we need help.

It is important that we all take responsibility for our actions. With this in mind, I ask clients to bring their own personal first aid kits, as well as appropriate clothing and equipment for the activity, season and conditions. Clients will be involved in planning so they are aware of the activity location and how to get help.

Venues will be chosen carefully using information clients have given me about themselves as well as weather forecasts, ground conditions, length of daylight hours, and so on. During adverse weather I will take particular caution to ensure we are operating within the capabilities of the group as a whole.



Local communities

It is important to me to maintain a positive relationship with the local communities I live and work in. My approach is to help keep us safe and to show respect to local residents, other professionals and the general public.

Thanks for all your efforts to help us enjoy the outdoors safely.

For booking information click here or get in touch if you would like to ask a question.

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