Owned and operated by Christy Miles, Way of the Wild is passionate about inspiring individuals to equip them with the confidence, skills and experiences to reconnect with the natural environment. By offering Outdoor experiences and taster activities in various settings, Way of the Wild aims to help you reconnect to the outdoors and take away the skills, knowledge and resources to help you to continue to do so.


Christy studied Outdoor & Environmental Education at John Moores University and since graduating in 2005, has worked in various sectors within the outdoor education field, using the outdoors as a vehicle to help others develop personally and socially.

"I feel passionate about helping others in their own personal development and becoming the best version of themselves possible. I am environmentally motivated and feel strongly about ensuring that the environment I love will still be here for generations to come. Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the health and well-being benefits of the outdoors and develop their own sense of self, to reconnect with their environment."

"We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say we have lost connection with nature, we have lost connection with ourselves" Andy Goldsworthy