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Way of the Wild is passionate about inspiring individuals, to equip them with the confidence, skills and experiences to reconnect them with the natural environment for well-being, personal development and health purposes. Also promoting sustainability and how to reduce our impact on the natural environment, whilst enjoying the benefits of spending time outdoors.

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Based near the Galloway Forest Park Way of the Wild is situated in the Galloway & Southern Ayrshire biosphere. Dumfries & Galloway is one of the best places to enjoy many aspects of Scottish nature and wildlife – including birds, flowers, mammals, butterflies, geology, landscape and even our dark skies. Visitors can see all of Scotland’s 'Big Five' – red squirrel, red deer, harbour seal, otter and golden eagle – right here in Dumfries & Galloway.

The open hills, forest park and remote lochs in the heart of the Southern Uplands can be a challenging environment to visit. With the help of Way of the Wild an expedition to some of the most remote areas in the UK will mean you can wander through the forest or be alone with the mewing of buzzards and whistle of the wind.


"Women who run with Wolves"

Artwork by Liza Lambertini

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