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Navigation Skills

Navigation Fundamentals 1 Day 

A practical navigation course based in the beautiful Galloway Forest Park, teaching the navigation skills you need to get out exploring the tracks and trails of the UK. Aimed at beginners wanting to start self-guided walks or individuals who want a refresh, the navigation fundamentals course offers a full introduction to navigation. 

  • Learn to navigate with map & compass

  • Build hillwalking confidence

  • Use a compass to set the map and check the direction of travel

  • Choose appropriate navigation strategies

  • Learn effective relocation techniques

  • Learn about sustainability and reducing your impact on the natural environment

Advanced Navigation 2 Day

A two-day practical Navigation Course focused on advancing your skills to get you out exploring wilder and more remote parts of the UK. Aimed at navigators with experience who want to push away from the paths and tracks, the Advanced Navigation Course offers a broader insight into more advanced navigation as well as essential skills for safety, planning and kit selection. You will also cover the effects of weather, how to deal with emergencies and gain a valuable understanding of Britain's upland environment. Based in the stunning Galloway Hills, you will be perfectly situated to launch out onto the high moorland, crags, and ridges.

Beginning with a brief refresh of the basics we then look to develop effective compass skills including accurately following a bearing, back bearings, attack points and aiming off. We will also cover practical techniques for holding bearings in poor visibility as well as identifying and negotiating dangerous and difficult terrain. Along the way you will learn and practice effective relocation strategies, in a variety of terrains using compass techniques and contour interpretation. We will also look at sustainability and reducing your impact on the natural environment.

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